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Climbing activities in Westway London

Everyone's welcome at Westway, whether you’re trying out climbing for the first time or you’re an experienced climber training at an elite level.

  • 350 climbing routes on 110 roped lines to keep you on your toes
  • 90 route changes every single month, so there’s always a new challenge
  • 17 different entry level and taster sessions each week
  • 200m2 of bouldering
  • 100 new bouldering problems set each month
  • UK renowned coaching and junior programmes
  • 4 auto-belay machines

The Westway climbing walls reach 14.5 metres with routes from grade F3 to grade F8 and bouldering problems up to V10. We’ve got 3 traverse walls, 2 training rooms and a campus board too. All this in our unique urban setting in the heart of London.

Check out our junior Team GB climbers, Alexia Basch and Molly Thompson-Smith on BBC London News.

Check out this video of UK No.1, Molly Thompson-Smith at Westway Climbing.

Our Platinum Membership includes unlimited climbing and bouldering,  or there are a number of other membership, pass and pay and pay options, giving you access to the range of activities outlined below.  Please see our Price Guide or contact us for times and prices.

To save time when you get here for climbing, please download and complete the relevant sections of the Adult Climbing Registration Form as well the Adult Climbing Recognition of Risk Form

If you're signing up for bouldering, you can cut down on waiting times by filling in the Adult Bouldering Registration Form and the Adult Bouldering Recognition of Risk Form.

View the Rules and Conditions - Climbing and Rules and Conditions - Bouldering.

Junior Climbing

Click here for information about our Junior Climbing Programme.

Adult Climbing - Get Involved

Casual Climbing

If you already know the ropes or have completed your beginners course then you can climb at Westway unsupervised as a Casual Climber.

Simply register at reception by showing us that you can tie in and belay.

Fully registered Casual Climbers can supervise up to two people (juniors or adults) in the wall.

Casual Climbers Aged 14-18

You may need to give us a more rigorous demonstration of your skills, usually lasting one hour with one of our coaches. This gives you unsupervised access to the climbing walls.

You will also need parental consent to use the climbing wall without supervision, which will normally involve at least one parental visit to the centre.

Please allow 15 minutes extra to register - registrations can be taken at any time up to half an hour before closing time.

Novice Climbers

If you are totally new to climbing you will need to be supervised by a Competent Climber or book a Westway Tester Session or Beginners Course to use the Centre.  To save time, download the registration form here before you visit, or otherwise you can complete it upon arrival.

Junior Novices

All climbers under 18 (unless they’ve passed their Junior Test or are on the British Team) will need to be signed in by a competent registered adult climber or be under the care of a Westway Climbing coach.

Both you and the climber will need to fill in a Junior Supervision form.   All juniors will need to provide a parental consent form.

Taster session

Never climbed before?  Perfect. Come and try a 1 ½ hour Taster Session with one fully qualified coach for every six people. Plenty of coaching and we’ll provide all the kit you need.

See our Price Guide for times and prices, book here or contact us.

Beginners Climbing Course

Thinking about having fun getting into climbing - or just want a refresher?  Our Beginners Climbing Course is for people who’ve never climbed before or who’ve done a bit but want to climb indoors safely and unsupervised.

Complete the course over 3 weeks, or cover the six hours in one weekend.

The course is suitable for anyone over 18. All you need is some comfortable clothes, a £1 coin for the locker and we’ll take care of the rest of your equipment including shoes, harness, ropes and a carabiner.

See our Price Guide for times and prices, book here, or contact us.

Introduction to lead climbing

The Westway Lead Climbing Course is regarded as one of the best in the country.  This 4 hour course lays the foundation if you want to take your climbing to the next level.  As well as best practice, you’ll learn how to avoid the potential pitfalls of leading a climb.  We teach everything through practical demonstrations - including how to take and arrest falls.

See our Price Guide for times and prices, or contact us.


Want to try a new sort of exercise? Looking to get fit in a different way? 

Try Bouldercise. You train with a friendly group and it combines bouldering with the best in functional bodyweight circuits.

Your coach leads you through pulse raisers, a whole-body workout and endurance exercises. Get your fitness on!

Age 18+ for new climbers, age 14+ for competent climbers.

See our Price Guide for times and prices, or contact us.

Improvers Bouldering League

Test your bouldering progress monthly with our Improvers Bouldering League (WIBL). There are 20 problems set each month. Each problem becomes progressively harder as you make your way through.

The League is based on an honesty system where you score yourself. It’s free to enter and you could win cool prizes - and the winner is the most improved boulderer from the previous month, not the person with the top score.

Pick up a score card and rules from by the entry box by line 82 and get on it!

For more info contact us.

Ladies' Climbing Morning

Ladies’ Climbing Mornings run every wednesday morning from 10-12, and are a great way to get tailored coaching in a mutually supportive and sociable setting. After a group warm-up, you can talk about your personal climbing goals, get technical advice and find climbing partners. Plus free tea and coffee!

The mornings are run by Suzanne, who has over 20 years' experience climbing and coaching indoors and out. She says, 'with small tweaks to technique and mental approach it’s amazing to see how quickly people improve'.

You’ll need to be registered (or able to register) as a Westway Climber. This involves taking a 5 minute competency demonstration.

See our price guide for prices, you can either purchase a monthly climbing pass or membership, or just pay the off peak casual climb price. 

Club Night

Club night is a great opportunity to hone your skills in a social and friendly environment.  It’s guided by one of our experienced coaches who’s there to answer your questions and help improve your technique.

If you have recently finished a beginners course you can put your new skills into practice under the watchful eye of a coach until you are confident enough to go it alone.

Club Night is open to all abilities of climber. Come along with a partner or be paired up with someone of a similar level.  You’ll need to have passed your registration demo at reception. Just meet us behind reception - see you there!

Ages 14+

See our Price Guide for times and prices, or contact us.

Outdoor Climbing Workshops

These are the workshops you wish you'd done before you started climbing outdoors. Learn the skills you need to get yourself out of tricky situations.

Prusisks and Ascending

Advanced Abseiling 

Sport Re-Threading


Find out more about our outdoor climbing workshops here

Outdoor climbing

Ready for your first climbing adventure in the Great Outdoors?  We offer regular outdoor trips from April to September to some of the UK's legendary crags.  These coach-led expeditions are open to all ages and abilities and are an exciting opportunity to learn skills for climbing on real rock!

Find out about our adult outdoor climbing trips here.

Professional Qualifications

Climbing Wall Award (CWA) Instructor Training

To book CWA courses at Westway call 08450 947923 or 07980 818219

Train to become a climbing instructor on artificial climbing structures.

Run by Paolo Fubini of Arrampica, this is an NGB training course for climbers 17yrs + associated with Mountain Training.

This is a great 2 days covering teaching, supervision and problem solving of top rope climbing, bouldering, traversing, climbing technique and abseiling.

You will need to have been climbing for at least a year and have visited 3 climbing walls. You will also need to register with Mountain Training and The British Mountaineering Council to get your logbook so you can log your progress.

Price for the 2 day course (1:6 ratio)


CWA Assessment

This is the assessment day for the climbing wall award.

Run by Paolo Fubini of Arrampica, this is an NGB assessment climbers 18+ associated with Mountain Training.

The day’s assessment covers your teaching, supervision and problem solving of top rope climbing, bouldering, traversing, climbing technique and abseiling (abseiling not compulsory).

You will need to have been consolidating your knowledge after the CWA training for at least 3 months, having worked and assisted with at least 3 climbing walls and amassed a minimum 15 types of session.

We’ll assess you on all aspects of the CWA syllabus and if you’re successful you’ll attain an NGB qualification recognised throughout the UK.

Price for the 1 day assessment (1:4 ratio and includes the optional abseil module assessment)

£145.00 (or £115.00 without abseil module)

CWA Lead Training

Train to become qualified to teach lead climbing on artificial climbing structures like our walls here at Westway.

Run by Paolo Fubini of Arrampica, this is an NGB training course for climbers 17+ and associated with Mountain Training.

This is the flag-ship course for the CWA awards. it covers a whole range of options and methods for teaching sport lead climbing, including techniques, supervision and building customer confidence.

The lead training module is only for those who have been CWA or SPA qualified for at least 6 months with significant teaching experience. You will also need to have registered separately to your CWA or SPA award with Mountain Training to attain your lead logbook in which you will log your progress.

Price for the 1 day course (1:4 ratio)


CWA Lead Assessment

This is the assessment day for teaching lead climbing on artificial climbing structures.

Run by Paolo Fubini of Arrampica, this is an NGB assessment for climbers aged 18yrs+ and associated with Mountain Training.

Assessments cover your knowledge and opinions of options and methods for teaching sport lead climbing including techniques, supervision and building customer confidence.

The lead assessment is only for those who can lead very confidently (on-sight) at 6a or above and amassed significant experience of assisting on lead climbing courses.

Price for the 1 day assessment (1:4 ratio)


Private coaching

Stuck on that hard route or want to work on that sloppy technique?  Our team of highly qualified and coaches, many of whom have experience coaching GB team members, are here to help.  You can have an individual class or come as a group of up to four (adults and juniors welcome). The cost is £40 per hour plus £15 per additional person (e.g. 4 people would be £85).

For more info or to book a session contact us.

Climbing parties

Whether it's your birthday, hen or stag bash anyone from 5+ can enjoy a Climbing party at Westway!  You can also hire the party room and bring your own food, order pizzas or we’ll do the catering for you. Check out our birthday party flyer and invite here.

Our Climbing parties are an hour and a half long. Your fully-trained coach meets everyone at reception, gets you all kitted-up and gives you a basic safety brief.  Then it’s off to the wall.

Your coach will get everyone running around and warmed up and then get you climbing on the walls.  Let's get this party started!

See our Price Guide for times and prices, or contact us.