Game, Set and Match

Westway’s a great place to play tennis.  We have

  • 8 indoor acrylic courts (the same surface as the Australian Open!)
  • 2 floodlit, synthetic clay courts if you want to play outdoors


  • We are an LTA Accredited Performance Centre with a highly qualified coaching team who can assist you whatever your age or ability.

It’s easy to get playing - you can

  • Pay as you play
  • Book a course
  • Step up your level of exercise with our Cardio Tennis and Drills exercise classes
  • Take part in social match play and organised leagues.

See our Price Guide for times and prices, book a court, or contact us.

Junior tennis

Click here for information about our Junior Tennis Programme.

Adult tennis - Get Involved

Pay & Play Sessions

If you fancy a game, we run Pay & Play sessions throughout the week.  These sessions are organised by a coach and there is room for 16 players.  Depending upon the numbers you can play singles, doubles and rotate around for a friendly, social game of tennis.

The mixed sessions are matchplay only but we also run women-only sessions that combine matchplay with coaching.

These sessions are bookable in advance or just turn up on the day (space subject to availability).

See our Price Guide for times and prices, book a court or contact us.

Beginners Course

Want to learn the basics from qualified tennis professionals? Our Beginners Course is ideal. It runs for 6 weeks and you’ll learn the basic rules and play with other beginners (max. 8 players). Each week we’ll introduce you to a new shot, and work on co-ordination and footwork skills.  We'll also practice sending and receiving the ball, either throwing and catching or with racquet in hand. 

The goal by the end of the course is to get you rallying! You will be able to hold a rally of at least 10 shots from the baseline. 

See our Price Guide for times and prices, book a court or contact us.

Improvers Course

This course is for players that are able to keep a 10 shot rally going consistently but need to develop their skills further. We will work on spins (topspin & slice) and direction with the groundstrokes; depth with the volley and accuracy on the serve.

Upon completion of the improvers course, players should be able to hold a 20 shot rally consistently, maintain direction and depth on the volley and serve utilising spin to maintain control. 

See our Price Guide for times and prices, book a court or contact us.

Intermediate Course

At this level we continue to work on your technical skills and apply them in matchplay situations. You’ll develop your tactical awareness and improve your physical fitness, using drills specific to game situations. Our coaches sometimes move players up or down in groups to balance the standard of sessions.

The intermediate course is for players who can rally with topspin consistently from the back of the court for 20 balls plus in a row, control the volley with depth and direction and serve consistently.

This course is good preparation for players wishing to join the drills sessions and participate in the pay and play sessions at Westway.

See our Price Guide for times and prices, book a court or contact us.


We offer energetic and dynamic drills sessions with instruction added to help you improve your game and fitness.  If you're looking to hit a lot of balls and get plenty of exercise these are the sessions for you!

Each week the coach will select a technical or tactical theme to work on.  The session will involve basket drills and also more live ball hitting between players.  If you can keep a rally going then this will be suitable for you (Intermediate and Advanced players).

We run mixed drills, men's drills and women's drills.

See our Price Guide for times and prices, book a court or contact us.

Cardio Tennis

Get fit to music! This is the most fun you can have while working out. The sessions comprise of a warm up, practise drills, play based drills and a cool down, all to music. It's a fun group exercise activity, led by a tennis coach, with plenty of non-stop action!  All standards welcome.

See our Price Guide for times and prices, book a court or contact us.