Gym Based Fitness

If you are a complete beginner or an experienced gym-bod, we have a wide range of fitness equipment to give your body the full fitness MOT it deserves.


Keep your heart and lungs in good shape with some Cardio.  You’ll also burn some fat and strengthen your bones.  So jump on one of our state-of-the-art exercise bikes, treadmills and cross-trainers and get your heart pumping!

Concept Rowers

Boost your strength and cardiovascular endurance with our world-class Concept rowers – you’ll row like a pro!

Fixed Strength

Our resistance-based weight machines help you build muscle strength and size safely in specific parts of your body such as the arms, legs, abs and back.


Get a full three-in-one workout combining strength, flexibility and cardio with our Kettlebells.  It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!

Strength and Conditioning

Beef up your body with our range of free weights including barbells, dumbbells and weight plates.   Pumping iron will not only help build up strength but improve your balance and coordination too.

TRX Suspension

Strengthen and tone your body with TRX Suspension, a unique workout that lets you choose from hundreds of different exercises.

The Octagon

Indulge in focused functional training around the Octagon, a futuristic-looking steel cube designed for a wide range of group and individual fitness activities.